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Canada Must Reunite Palestinian Canadians with Family in Gaza

Action Alert: Send a letter telling Canada to implement a special measure to reunite Palestinian Canadians with family in Gaza Canada must implement special measures to make sure that the immediate family members—including parents and siblings—of Palestinian Canadians are evacuated out of Gaza to join their loved ones at home. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced and face further threats of ethnic cleansing. Over 15,000 have been killed, including children. It is time for Canada to stand for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza to stop the ongoing violence forcing so many Palestinians to evacuate ...

UBC Administrators Must Protect the Safety of Students

Action Alert: Send a letter telling UBC to investigate fake Hamas stickers spread to target Muslims and Palestinians on campus A recent incident involving offensive stickers being distributed at the University of British Columbia shows that more needs to be done to protect students from rising Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian hate on campus. The phrase “I (heart) Hamas” was placed on the sticker alongside the UBC Social Justice Centre’s (SJC) name and logo. The message was clearly meant to target the Centre and students speaking out against violations of Palestinian human rights. This disturbing act was done by an independent ...

Canada Must Condemn The Horrifying Statements From Israel’s Leaders

Action Alert: Send a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau To Condemn the Comments of War Crimes and Ethnic Cleansing Israel Made Leaders at the top of the Government of Israel have been calling for the most egregious forms of violence to be visited against the people of Gaza. This includes calls for ethnic cleansing. It also includes words that severely dehumanize the humanity of Palestinians. This language fuels the flames of hateful violence. And they have put those words into action with estimates of 12,000+ killed in Gaza and hundreds more in the occupied West Bank. These leaders are now promising to continue this after the truce is ...

Tell Premier Ford To Take Action on MPP Goldie Ghamari Spreading Dangerous Islamophobia

It is concerning that MPP Goldie Ghamari of Carleton has made several statements on social media that appears to recycle a number of Islamophobic tropes. These include stoking suspicion against Muslims who say the phrase “Allahu akbar;” pushing the conspiracy theory that organizations like the UN are controlled by “Islamofascists;” and retweeting insults against those who women who wear the hijab. Moreover, she also retweeted Daniel Bordman—an individual identified by our courts to have spread libel against Muslims. Send a letter to Premier Doug Ford to call her out on these actions.

Protect Academic Freedom and the Ability For Doctors to Critique Foreign Governments

The suspension of Public Health resident Dr. Yipeng Ge by the University of Ottawa for his comments on the violence in the Gaza Strip doesn’t conform with the University’s commitment to free speech and equity, diversity, and inclusion. Please write a letter to the University of Ottawa to end Dr. Ge’s suspension and for the University and the Faculty of Medicine to issue a public apology for the harm it has caused.

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