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If there is one thing that we have learnt since October of last year, it’s that when we stand united, we can accomplish so much.

Stephen Brown

 If there is one thing that we have learnt since October of last year, it’s that when we stand united, we can accomplish so much.

Stephen Brown


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Advocating for Your Kids: The last five months have made one thing very clear: We have to end the chilling suspicion and targeting of our students. Our team when into tens of schools across Canada to be there for kids and families. Your donation will help cover every school and university in Canada.

Permanant Solutions for Muslim Students: We aren’t just building a team to handle emergencies; we are making changes to the system. Your donation will fund our work with school boards and university administration to implementing anti-Islamophobia curricula and policies to stamp out anti-Palestinian racism and other forms of hate.

A Defensive Shield: When the system is broken, and our kids are hurt or discriminated against. Your support will directly fund our work to hold those responsible to task. Right now, we have tens of cases our education and legal team are taking on for families who have no other options.

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1. “Free Palestine”

There is so much courage and dedication in our youth when it comes to Palestine. At one school in Ontario, during a recess basketball game, a student said to his friends that if he made the basket he would yell “Free Palestine”. This innocent way of remembering Palestine during a recess game quickly became villified by a teacher on duty. The student was pulled aside and taken to the office to speak with the principal. The student was suspended, noting that he was allegedly making others uncomfortable. Our students deserve better. NCCM worked with the family and engaged with the school. The suspension was removed from the student’s file, and an apology was issued to the family

2. Palestine Display Pictures on Zoom

A student joined her zoom class with a display picture of the Palestinian flag. During class the principal hopped onto the call and noted that this flag is making others feel unsafe and if it was not removed there would be consequences. The student noted “I’m not really feeling safe right now”. The NCCM engaged with the family and the school. The principal apologized to the entire class and student for their behaviour.

3. Teachers Being Silenced and Surveilled 

A teacher who was posting about Human Rights violations in Palestine was asked to remove his personal social media posts. He did at the direction of his supervisor but was sent on an indefinite home assignment while his case was being investigated. After months of community organizing and ongoing engagement with NCCM the teacher was re-instated and the investigation was closed. 

4. Islamophobic Bullying and Assault

A student was repeatedly bullied throughout the school year. His bullies spewed Islamophobic threats and physically assaulted him leading to a hospital visit. The student since has moved to a different school out of fear for his safety. The students who bullied him and the administration that allowed that to happen have had no consequences yet. The family and NCCM continue to engage with the school to get justice.