Community Resources

NCCM community resources are available for free and are designed to help empower Canadian Muslims and tackle Islamophobia in Canada. Below you will find videos, guides and reports that address Islamophobia in different ways.

While Muslim Video Series

Narrated by NCCM’s Director of Legal Affairs, Sameha Omer, this video series will help you learn about your rights as you navigate life while Muslim in Canada.

Video 2: “Praying at Work While Muslim” (Coming Soon)




Guides and Reports

These resources are free to download.

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Know Your Rights & Responsibilities: A Guide for Canadian Muslims Knowing your rights and responsibilities is an important step in making sure that you and those around you are being treated fairly under the law. NCCM's flagship Know Your Rights & Responsibilities guide is intended to empower you to advocate for yourself where you work, where you live, when you travel, when you go to access services, amongst other things. Please subscribe to download

Know Your Rights: A Guide for Muslim Post-Secondary Students This guide will empower you as an individual with knowledge of your rights, and information about what you can do if you experience discrimination or harassment based on being Muslim, or being perceived as Muslim, at a Canadian college or university. This guide is for you if you identify as a Muslim post-secondary student, regardless of your race, ethnicity, sect, gender, sexual orientation or any other identity marker. Please subscribe to download

NCCM Muslim Student Townhall Report Muslim students rarely get the opportunity to speak freely about the particular challenges they face in the education system. Recognizing this gap, the NCCM’s Muslim Student Town Hall initiative worked hard to change this by inviting diverse Muslim voices to the table to speak about their experiences. This report aims to highlight their perspectives, and serves as an important resource for educators seeking to understand the needs of their diverse students. Please subscribe to download