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The NCCM has produced a number of guides designed to help Muslim Canadians know their rights, and understand how to put them into action in different settings. Many of our guides are also aimed at informing both Muslim and non-Muslim community members about how to navigate issues relating to Muslims and Islam in the workplace, at school, during times of trauma, and more.

These guides are free to download below. Printed copies of these guides are also available for a small fee. Please contact to place an order.

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Know Your Rights & Responsibilities: A Guide for Canadian Muslims Knowing your rights and responsibilities is an important step in making sure that you and those around you are being treated fairly under the law. NCCM's flagship Know Your Rights & Responsibilities guide is intended to empower you to advocate for yourself where you work, where you live, when you travel, when you go to access services, amongst other things. Please subscribe to download

Know Your Rights: A Guide for Muslim Post-Secondary Students This guide will empower you as an individual with knowledge of your rights, and information about what you can do if you experience discrimination or harassment based on being Muslim, or being perceived as Muslim, at a Canadian college or university. This guide is for you if you identify as a Muslim post-secondary student, regardless of your race, ethnicity, sect, gender, sexual orientation or any other identity marker. Please subscribe to download

An Educators Guide to Islamic Religious Practices Our student populations are becoming more diverse every day, and there is a growing desire among educators to create inclusive and equitable learning environments in which all students can achieve their fullest potential. This guide helps educators understand the needs of Muslim students, and explains some ways to promote safe, welcoming and dynamic classrooms. Please subscribe to download

An Employers Guide to Islamic Religious Practices Ensuring an equitable and safe work environment for all often requires that employers know and understand the rights of their staff – including the right to religious accommodation. Recognizing that mutual trust, respect and understanding are important elements of productive work places, this guide aims to promote better understanding between employers and employees of the Muslim faith. Please subscribe to download

Helping Students Deal with Trauma Related to Geopolitical Violence & Islamophobia When geopolitical violence, Islamophobia or terror attacks strike, it can be difficult for children to process. This guide helps teachers, guidance counselors and others assess, assist and support students and children dealing with grief, fear and confusion as a result of such issues or incidents. Please subscribe to download

Muslim Community Safety Kit: Step-by-Step Guide to Community Safety The Muslim Community Safety Kit can assist you and your community in helping prevent – or respond to – an unfortunate incident of anti-Muslim hate at your mosque, community centre or organization. This kit is designed to equip you with the knowledge to protect against Islamophobic attacks through proactive measures, as well as to help you know what to do if an incident has already occurred. Please subscribe to download

My Rights at Work: Religious Accommodation in the Workplace As our workplaces become more diverse, some Muslims and other faith communities may find that their religious practices and beliefs create special needs at work. This guide helps workers understand their rights to religious accommodation at work, along with the related obligations of their employer. It also offers tips for requesting accommodations or addressing violations of your rights at work. Please subscribe to download

NCCM Muslim Student Townhall Report Muslim students rarely get the opportunity to speak freely about the particular challenges they face in the education system. Recognizing this gap, the NCCM’s Muslim Student Town Hall initiative worked hard to change this by inviting diverse Muslim voices to the table to speak about their experiences. This report aims to highlight their perspectives, and serves as an important resource for educators seeking to understand the needs of their diverse students. Please subscribe to download

Aider les élèves à gérer le traumatisme lié à la violence géopolitique et à l’islamophobie Lorsque la violence géopolitique, l’islamophobie ou des attaques terroristes se produisent, les enfants peuvent éprouver de la difficulté à gérer ces événements. Ce guide a pour but d’aider les enseignants, les conseillers en orientation et d’autres professionnels à évaluer, à aider et à soutenir les élèves et les enfants à surmonter le chagrin, la peur et la confusion qui découlent de ce genre de problèmes ou d’incidents. Please subscribe to download

Guide de l’employeur sur les pratiques religieuses islamiques Garantir un environnement de travail sécuritaire et équitable pour tous nécessite souvent que les employeurs connaissent et comprennent les droits de leurs employés, y compris leurs droits à l’accommodement religieux. Ce guide, qui reconnaît que la confiance, le respect et la compréhension réciproques sont des éléments importants d’un milieu de travail productif, vise à promouvoir une meilleure compréhension de la foi musulmane entre les employeurs et les employés. Please subscribe to download

Mes droits au travail: Les adaptations pour raisons religieuses À mesure que nos milieux de travail se diversifient, certains musulmans et d’autres groupes confessionnels peuvent sentir que leurs pratiques et leurs croyances religieuses créent des besoins particuliers au travail. Ce guide permet aux travailleurs de comprendre leurs droits en matière d’accommodements religieux au travail ainsi que les obligations connexes de leur employeur. Il offre aussi des conseils pour présenter une demande d’accommodement ou pour faire face aux violations des droits au travail. Please subscribe to download

Trousse de sécurité pour la communauté musulmane : Guide étape par étape de sécurité communautaire La trousse de sécurité pour la communauté musulmane peut aider votre communauté ainsi que vous-même à prévenir les incidents malheureux de haine à l’égard des musulmans dans votre mosquée, votre centre communautaire ou votre organisation — ou à intervenir dans ce genre de situation. Cette trousse vise à vous donner les connaissances nécessaires pour vous protéger des attaques islamophobes à l’aide de mesures préventives et vous aide à savoir quoi faire une fois qu’un incident se produit. Please subscribe to download