Public Advocacy

Through professional advocacy, NCCM regularly engages elected leaders, government officials, policymakers, the courts and civil society to promote the maintenance of a just and harmonious society for all Canadians.

Protecting the interests of Canadian Muslim communities requires vigilance and sustained advocacy. From the Maher Arar Public Inquiry to the Anti-Terrorism Act to the Supreme Court of Canada, NCCM has and continues to serve as a valuable resource by providing a mainstream Canadian Muslim perspective on important public policy matters.

Many policies formed at the national level which directly affect Canadian Muslims and others were done without a requisite understanding of the many nuanced issues facing diverse communities. Issues such as human rights & civil liberties, privacy rights, religious freedom, national security, and immigration were often written about, debated and decided without Canadian Muslim voices sitting at the table. NCCM has changed that paradigm by bringing a vital Canadian Muslim viewpoint to these policy discussions.

NCCM frequently meets with elected officials and decision-makers at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. We write and publish policy briefs and research reports on public policy matters and we appear before parliamentary and legislative committees to present these perspectives to Members of Parliament, Senators and other legislative bodies. We also hold policy forums to amplify Canadian Muslim voices.

NCCM further monitors legal developments and intervenes at our nation’s courts, particularly before the Supreme Court of Canada, in cases that impact fundamental rights and freedoms. Our legal advocacy ensures that Canadian Muslim perspectives help inform judicial decision-making in Canada.