Training & Workshops

For over a decade, the NCCM has been delivering robust and leading-edge training to promote equity and inclusion, and empower Canadian Muslim communities. Our interactive seminars are designed to create an enriching and meaningful learning experience to help participants grow and learn.

See below for a full listing of workshops available for:

  1. Muslim community organizations
  2. School, Employers, Government, Service Providers
  3. Students and youth
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Workshop Offerings

1. NCCM Workshops (Adults and Community Leaders)

Title Description Hours Target Audience
Know Your Rights & Responsibilities In this flagship NCCM workshop, individuals learn about their basic legal rights and responsibilities as residents in Canada. They’ll also learn why should Canadians be engaged in the political process, what’s involved, as well as how communities and individuals can ensure they have a say in their municipal, provincial, and federal governments. Finally participants can learn what the issues are that matter and how citizens can organize to fix them! A detailed, action-oriented workshop empowering citizens to speak up about the issues that are important to them. 2 hours Any Group
Engaging the Media In this workshop, participants learn the basics of how the media works, tools and tactics for engaging the media, dealing with controversial questions, generating positive coverage and more. 2 hours Any Group
“Story Telling: Reclaiming Our Narratives” An exploration of the role of story-telling in shaping the understanding of diverse communities of themselves, as well as by mainstream society. Reflections on the mainstream narrative of Islam and Muslims, and a discussion around ways to offer a narrative that is more reflective of the day to day experiences of Muslims living in Canada generally, and of Muslim women specifically. How the struggle for human rights and civil liberties plays into that narrative will also be explored. 2 hours Any group interested in the topic.  It can be adjusted for a younger audience.


2. NCCM Workshop for External Organizations (Schools, Employers, Government, Service Providers)

Title Description Hours Target Audience
A Teachable moment about Islamophobia This workshop explores how Islamophobia may be impacting our schools and classrooms. Beginning with an overview of the term Islamophobia and an exploration of some common myths about Islam and Muslims, the workshop examines how Muslim children are impacted by the negative public discourses about their faith. The workshop provides case studies, resources, and recommendations for administrators and educators to support efforts to promote equity and inclusion and to ensure schools and classrooms remain safe environments for all. 1.5 – 2 hours Educators / Parents / Parent Councils
Islam in the Workplace


Based on NCCM’s Employers Guide on Islamic Religious Practices & My Rights at Work Guide, this workshop explores common issues around reasonable accommodation of Canadian Muslim employees in the workplace.  The workshop also examines how Islamophobia can impact the workplace. 1.5 – 2 hours Unions, Employers, Staff
Islam 101 or Islam Awareness This workshop is a basic introduction to Islam and Islamic religious practice for individuals with no or limited knowledge of the religion.  It addresses both basic tenants of faith and also discusses and challenges prevalent stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. 2 hours Any Group Interested in Islam Ideal for religious groups, workplaces, schools, community organizations …
Inclusive Schools This workshop for examines the legal and pedagogical foundation for creating schools which are welcoming and inclusive to everyone.  It can be combined or merged with Islam 101 or information on Muslim religious practice. 2 hours Stakeholders in the Education Sector Ideal for school councils, teacher training, school trustees or school board officials, parents …


3. NCCM Workshops for Children and Teenagers

Title Description Hours Target Audience
Stereotypes & Diversity in Media: How do we fit in? This workshop invites young people to critically examine the messages in the media with a special focus on cultural diversity and religious diversity.


1-2 hours Children Ages 9 to 12
Know Your Rights: Student Edition Similar to NCCM’s flagship Know Your Rights workshop, students will learn about their basic legal rights and responsibilities on campus. The workshop provides tools and resources for students so that they can navigate life on campus as Muslims with confidence.
Say Salam – Islamophobia and Bystander Intervention This workshop explores how Islamophobia may be impacting students on an individual level and works with students to identify the different ways they can intervene when they see Islamophobia taking place. 45-60 minutes Teens & Young Adult


  • The number of hours is for the delivery on the workshop in the standard form. NCCM can offer the workshop in other formats (shorter, divided over several sessions) based on the needs to the organization.
  • Some workshops can be adapted for different target audiences (parents instead of children, general, etc…)
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