Frequently Asked Questions

Who does NCCM represent?

With over 15 years of public service, community work and grassroots partnerships across Canada, the NCCM does represent a broad and diverse range of mainstream Canadian Muslims – this is evident from the support we receive from Muslim communities and institutions across the country. However, the NCCM does not speak for all Canadian Muslims. Like any other group, Canadian Muslims are not monolithic and they have many views on various issues.

What role does religion have in NCCM?

The NCCM is a civil liberties and advocacy organization; it is not a theological or religious group. The NCCM is also a strictly non-sectarian and non-partisan organization. While core Islamic principles inform our organizational ethics, the NCCM does not offer or take theological positions.

How does NCCM determine what issues and causes to become involved in?

The NCCM’s mandate is solely a domestic one and we focus on protecting human rights & civil liberties, promoting civic engagement, and challenging discrimination, Islamophobia and others forms of xenophobia. The NCCM only speaks to issues and works with partners on matters which fall within its mandate. The NCCM also considers its capacity and resources when deciding which issues to take on.

How is NCCM funded?

As a long-standing Canadian organization, the NCCM is funded entirely by private donations from Canadians. The NCCM has not and does not accept funds from any foreign governments or organizations.

Who are the people in NCCM?

The team and supporters at the NCCM are composed of a diverse group of Canadian Muslims who come from varied backgrounds but who are collectively dedicated to the organization’s mandate. Our staff comprise of professionals from various fields including communications, community organizing, human rights, journalism, law, marketing, non-profit management and policy development. The NCCM is a strictly non-sectarian and non-partisan organization and we welcome support from all Canadians.