Our Work

Human Rights & Civil Liberties

Through our staff, legal advisors and local members, the NCCM advises and advocates on behalf of Canadian Muslims and others who have experienced violations of their human rights and civil liberties, including discrimination and hate crimes. Incidents often relate to the infringement of basic rights guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or national or provincial human rights legislation. We work to protect the constitutional rights of Canadian Muslims, thereby upholding the rights of all Canadians.

Media Engagement

The NCCM works daily with the media to help shape an accurate understanding of Islam and Canadian Muslims. This includes monitoring local and national media to challenge stereotypes, providing accurate information about Islam and Muslims to journalists, writing frequent opinion commentaries, providing contacts from local Muslim communities, meeting with editorial boards and conducting media training sessions. To date, the NCCM has published over 140 op-ed pieces on important public issues in news publications across Canada.

Public Advocacy

The NCCM frequently appears before federal and provincial parliamentary committees on legislation and public policy measures that impact civil liberties, human rights and Canadian Muslim communities. We monitor legislative initiatives, submit briefs that articulate a vital perspective and engage with government officials, parliamentarians and other elected officials. The NCCM has also testified before and participated in major commissions of inquiry including the Maher Arar Public Inquiry, the Air India Public Inquiry and the Iacobucci Internal Inquiry.

The NCCM further monitors and intervenes in major cases before the Supreme Court of Canada and other levels of court concerning fundamental rights and civil liberties.

Community Education & Outreach

The NCCM frequently partners with civil society and interfaith organizations to promote  mutual respect and good relations between communities and advance common goals in the defence of fundamental rights and civil liberties. The NCCM participates in numerous coalitions and campaigns with human rights partners to ensure that the constitutional rights of all Canadians are upheld.

Seminars & Workshops

The NCCM frequently conducts workshops for employers and service-providers which highlight relevant Islamic religious practices and offer suggestions for reasonable accommodation. We also offer seminars and workshops to Canadian Muslim communities about fundamental rights & freedoms guaranteed under the law, training in media relations, and leadership development.


The NCCM offers a variety of publications addressing the needs of Canadians and Canadian Muslims. Our publications include “A Journalist’s Guide to Islam,” “An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices,” “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices,” and “A Health Care Provider’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices.” We also offer a succinct “Know Your Rights” pocket guide.

Practical handbooks, such as Hajj and Ramadan Publicity Resource Kits, are also available for use by Canadian Muslim communities and the media.