Muslim groups urge politicians to uphold Canada’s constitutional values

By Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press
February 27, 2015

OTTAWA – A Quebec judge’s refusal to hear testimony from a woman in a hijab has become the latest flash point in an increasingly tense relationship between Canadian Muslims and their governments.

Critics are accusing the Conservative government of fostering a combative attitude towards Islam that’s reflected in legislation, party fundraising and public remarks by senior Tories, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

But while none went so far as to suggest the Quebec judge’s decision was a direct reflection of that attitude, it’s natural to want to draw a connection, one Muslim organization said Friday.

“The recent debate around citizenship oaths has unnecessarily muddied the waters and this latest incident in Quebec further reinforces this,” Ihsaan Gardee, the executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, said in a statement.

“Our elected leaders at all levels of government must uphold Canada’s constitutional values and work to bring Canadians together rather than play politics.” …