Thank the Toronto Star for being first major media outlet to adopt the term ‘Daesh’; Encourage other Canadian Media outlets to do the same



The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), a prominent Muslim civil liberties and human rights advocacy organization, is calling on fellow Canadians to immediately write to the Toronto Star to thank it for its leadership in deciding to use the term ‘Daesh’ to describe the terrorist group.

The NCCM also urges fellow Canadians to write to other media outlets to encourage them to also use the term ‘Daesh’ to describe the terrorist group.

  • Read the Star announcement here.
  • Read the NCCM’s News Release welcoming the decision here.
  • Read the NCCM’s original Commentary on the issue here.

If you have recently joined an NCCM Stronger Together Team in your city, consider requesting a meeting with the editors of local media outlets. Email to coordinate.

ACTION ALERT: Take Action Now!

First, thank the Toronto Star. Second, write to other media outlets as well. Enter your information below for each separate letter. (Only your name and city will be included.)