Send a Letter to the Leaders of Alberta on Islamophobic Attacks

On December 8, 2020, a man attacked two Black Muslim women in Edmonton in the parking lot of a mall. A few days later, another young Black Muslim woman was attacked on public transportation in Edmonton. On March 21st we saw yet another horrific attack on Albertan Muslim women, this time in Calgary.

We’ve seen far too many attacks  against Muslim women in Alberta. These attacks happened in the context of rising hate crimes against Albertan Muslims and the emboldening of white supremacists and neo-Nazi organization in the province.

As residents of Alberta, we care deeply about this province. We should be able to be who we are, worship as we choose, and wear what we want without fear or harassment.

Tensions and fear are high. We know that solving the challenge of racist street harassment is a challenge that you are all committed to – and we know that there is no single solution to this problem. Rather, we need bipartisan provincial-municipal strategies.

That’s why we are calling for the immediate creation of a bipartisan provincial-municipal committee to deal with the challenge of racist and Islamophobic street harassment.

We ask you to join us in sending this letter to Albertan leaders calling for immediate change in the way Islamophobia is handled in Alberta.