Volunteer Sign Up – Ramadan 2018

Islamophobia and discrimination are the rise in the media, workplace and even the education system. That’s why we need volunteers and community leaders like you to rise to the challenge to ensure a better, brighter tomorrow for the next generation of Canadian Muslims – one that is free of prejudice and full of opportunity.  

Yes, there is so much more that can and does need to be done, but we can’t do it without you. As Ramadan draws near, we need your help to create a future where our children feel protected, valued and ready to make a difference from the classroom to the boardroom, and beyond.

That’s why we are looking for passionate volunteers to help with the following efforts:

  1. Secure one night at your mosque or other mosques you are connected with to raise awareness of the NCCM’s efforts in advocating on behalf of Canadian Muslims. We will equip you with detailed speaking points for this, but the overall aims are simple: (A) To ensure your community knows they can rely on the NCCM for support and advice relating to human rights and civil liberties at all times, and (B) To encourage your community members to consider supporting the NCCM so we can continue to advocate on their behalf.
  2. Recruit volunteers to help you in distributing NCCM materials throughout your community and any mosques or centres you are connected to (this would include, for example, a brochure and a pledge form).
  3. With our full support, help collect donations for the NCCM from your community.

What are you doing to support the rights of Muslims here in Canada this Ramadan?