Trump And The American Far Right Stoke Hate In Canada

By Nick Robins-Early
Huffington Post | May 23, 2018

President Donald Trump is changing not just American politics. Canadians are increasingly concerned that the president’s nativist and anti-Muslim rhetoric is emboldening hate groups in a Canada, which has long prided itself on multiculturalism and tolerance.

. . .

“The number of far-right voices is increasing,” said Leila Nasr, a spokeswoman for the National Council of Canadian Muslims. “They’ve become disproportionately loud.”

Community groups and anti-hate advocates want authorities to take a stronger stand against the far right and for politicians to forcefully call out the groups that are attempting to put a polite, Canadian face on bigotry.

“If we allow them to go unchecked and unchallenged, the consequences are ugly, and we’ve seen in Canada that they can even be deadly,” Nasr said.

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