In the aftermath of the unthinkable terrorist attack that took the lives of three generations of the Afzal family in London, Ontario, a unanimous consent motion was passed in the House of Commons that stated the following:

That, given that,

(i) Canada has been devastated over the last decade by repeated acts of violent Islamophobia, including but not exclusive to the Quebec City Mosque Attack, the IMO Mosque Attack, and the London Terror Attack,

(ii) Canada has been deeply affected by Islamophobia at a federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal level,

(iii) All political leaders at every level in government in Canada need to urgently change policy to prevent another attack targeting Canadian Muslims,

the House call on the government to convene an Emergency National Action Summit on Islamophobia to take place before the end of July 2021.

To ensure a focus on real action against Islamophobia, NCCM, after numerous community consultations, has released 61 recommendations. These recommendations reflect what many in the Canadian Muslim community feel is necessary to combat violent and systemic forms of Islamophobia.

As we have said before, the only metric of success for this Summit will be how quickly our governments will take action.

Join us today by sending a letter to the Prime Minister and to the Premiers to urge our governments to take action on our recommendations.