Call for Support of Motion to Combat Street Harassment in Edmonton

As a response to the staggering numbers of Islamophobic attacks and rise of hate and hate crimes in Alberta, NCCM held an emergency provincial advocacy day that called on municipal and provincial leaders to take collective action in a plan to combat street harassment.  

Because of this work, alongside other critical stakeholders and members of our community, this week a motion will likely be brought at Edmonton City Hall, calling for a review of current bylaws related to public safety. Street harassment is not only an issue that is faced by the Muslim community. It’s an issue that affects Indigenous communities, women, and every other person of colour.  

We need your help to make sure that this historic motion passes. 

The opportunity is here now to have words of condemnation go into real action and change. 

We need you to do three things: 

  1. Send a letter to all Edmonton City Councillors and the mayor expressing support for this motion going forward;  
  2. Call your City Council Office in Edmonton and leave a 2 minute message to express support for the motion going forward; and 
  3. Help us push this wide and far! Sign up today as a volunteer to make sure that this is passed.

    City of Edmonton: Motion to Combat Street Harassment