Get Sandra Solomon Off Facebook

Its Time To Get Sandra Solomon Off Facebook!

Sandra Solomon has been engaging in disseminating anti-Muslim content and remarks online for years.  Her Youtube channel has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of its policy prohibiting hate speech. It is time for her Facebook to be terminated as well.

Solomon’s past remarks include

  • In the past, Solomon was seen on video stating that she is visiting mosques “to educate as many as we can people about the true face of Islam” and that she wants to see the Qur’an designated as “hate literature”. In the video, Ms. Solomon can be seen ripping a page out of a book she said was a Qur’an and placing it under a car’s windshield wiper. She states that “this is where the Qur’an belongs – Satanic, evil book.”
  • Solomon’s Facebook post states “Jihad of #coronavirus will be the new terrorist weapon of mass destruction”.
  • Solomon has accused the Canadian Muslim community of bribing government officials in order for mosques to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer during the month of Ramadan

We’re asking Facebook to stand against discrimination. To read this letter in PDF form, click here! 

We request that Facebook conduct a fulsome review of Ms. Solomon’s Facebook account and her behaviour on the platform to determine whether Ms. Solomon should continue having a presence on Facebook.

Sign this petition below asking Facebook to de-platfrom Sandra Solomon