Secondary Lesson Plan Ideas

1. Systemic Change and Policy

As students to read the NCCM’s recommendations from the National Summit on Islamophobia, choose 3 recommendations that you believe would be key to challenging Islamophobia. Write a reflection on your choice. (Reminder: ensure classroom guidelines are disused and be mindful this learning can impact Muslim students differently).

2. Allyship and Intervention

This mural was painted by the youngest victim who perished in the attack in London, Ontario on June 6th, 2021. She leaves behind a beautiful legacy, as she is remembered by her friends as someone who was an artist, who was brilliant, a good friend, and always there to help others.


  1. As you reflect on this mural and the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim communities in Canada, write a reflection on what this mural means to you.
  2. Suggest ways that we can work to create spaces of belonging and inclusion in our schools and community.
  3. Reimagining a Better Future…
    • Muslim students need to be able to imagine a future that includes them in it, violence and intolerance sometimes make it difficult for us to imagine such futures.


  1. Explore the prompts: Imagine a world where everyone belongs? How would you represent it visually? Ask students to reflect and take responses in a class discussion. Encourage students to be creative and think about the themes of liberation, identity and belonging.
  2. Reflect on this piece of art, how might it reflect reimaging a better future for young Muslims? Source:
  3. After reflecting on class discussions ask students to create their own piece of art that reflects a future where we all belong. Create a gallery in your classroom or school where students display their art.