Civic Engagement


The NCCM believes that active citizenship is the cornerstone of social progress and engaged communities. This requires individuals and groups to exercise both their rights and responsibilities as Canadians.

We mobilize Muslim communities on issues that concern all Canadians, and we further engage with civil society partners to advance the protection of human rights, promote inter-community understanding, diversity and multiculturalism, and uphold the rule of law.

Given our expertise in anti-discrimination work, the NCCM educates employers and service providers about basic Islamic religious practices to break down barriers of misunderstanding and promote inclusive workplaces. This includes providing timely publications such as our Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices.

To develop civically-engaged communities, NCCM provides cutting-edge training in human rights & civil liberties, public relations, community outreach and leadership development to Canadian Muslim communities.  Since 2000, we have conducted hundreds of workshops and seminars across Canada.

Our public work further includes organizing and participating in major public conferences, coalitions, and campaigns with community partners on pressing issues such as reasonable accommodation of religious practices, national security, fundamental rights, countering extremism and much more.