Phone Bank

At NCCM, we are dedicated to making sure that Canadian Muslim communities across the country know exactly what to do if they are faced with Islamophobia, hate and discrimination. We are looking for volunteers throughout Canada to join our phone banks to local politicians.


Bill 63 is an Alberta law that was promised to ban carding and street checks.

In 2020, Minister Madu committed to a complete ban on carding, which NCCM commended. This was something that Alberta’s NDP was urged to do, but action was not taken at that time. Under Minister’s Madu Bill 63, however, carding has not been banned – rather, street checks and carding are put into the law when justified by the premise of “crime prevention”.

This is not progress.

Black and Middle Eastern people, many of whom are part of the Muslim community, are some of the most targeted by carding and street checks in Alberta.

Help us hold Minister Madu accountable to his initial promise, and put a complete ban on carding and street checks in Alberta.

1. Join us in calling your local MLA’s to ensure Minister Madu is held accountable to his initial promise