Sarah Abou-Bakr has a degree in Political Science from Concordia University. During her undergraduate years, Sarah has been a board member of the Concordia Student Union’s Black Indigenous People of Colour committee and an undergraduate student senator. She is currently completing her master’s degree at McGill University’s Institute of Islamic Studies, with a concentration on gender and women’s studies.

Sarah has been extensively involved in community advocacy on the rights of Muslims, students, minority groups and human rights more broadly. Based in Montreal, she takes part in the organization of several interfaith events to engage in exchanges and break stereotypes. Sarah has also organized numerous events with several community organizations to encourage Muslims in Quebec to engage with the larger community and to build a sense of belonging.

As NCCM’s Quebec Public Affairs Lead, Sarah engages with government stakeholders in La Belle Province, and advocates for better policies with the objective of fostering justice and eliminating Islamophobia.