Dima Ismail is NCCM’s Campus Liaison Program Lead.

She is currently completing her degree in Systems Engineering at the University of Guelph, due to graduate in December 2020. During her time in University, Dima had the opportunity to serve on the Guelph Muslim Students’ Association (Guelph MSA) for three years, and in her final year on the MSA, Dima was elected into MSA Presidency, where she focused on facilitating the MSAs connections with other organizations, both Muslim and non-Muslim, across Ontario.

During her presidency, Dima also contributed to the development and growth of the Ontario Muslim Students’ Association Council: a platform that connects University and College MSAs across Ontario.

Dima is an avid hackathon attendee and enjoys participating in various engineering competitions and pitch competitions in both a participant and mentorship capacity. She particularly enjoys hacking data driven solutions for biomedical applications and has worked in both data science and biomedical engineering in software development internship capacities.
Within her role at NCCM, she will be leading the Campus Liaison program and working to develop a united network of Student Groups across Canada. Dima believes that with unity comes great strength, and she is committed to empowering individual campus student groups in order to elevate the voices of the Muslim community in Canada.