Amira Shousha is currently completing her degree in Psychology at the University of Alberta. For the past few years, Amira has taken a keen interest in understanding societal inequalities and how institutional oppression affects many communities across Canada.

Coming from a community-based up bringing, Amira is passionate about mentorship and community engagement. This passion catalyzed her work in many directions including but not limited to her education, and volunteer work. Some of those endeavours have taken her to programs like Daughters of the Vote to represent the Edmonton West riding in Ottawa. She was also engaged in building leadership capacity at the board level for Girls on Boards with Girls.20.

In her role as Alberta Regional Team Lead at NCCM, Amira leads the charge in grassroots mobilization, working hand in hand with the community to address Islamophobia in the province.

When Amira isn’t waiting in the Starbucks drive thru, she enjoys reading, writing and travelling to new places. She is looking forward to a post pandemic world where she has more flexibility and ability to meet new people and learn new things.