The Our London Family Act

On June 6, 2021, three generations of one family were killed in an Islamophobic terror attack in London, Ontario. In the aftermath of this unspeakable loss, Ontarians heard their political leaders make bold and unequivocal statements about eradicating Islamophobia and hate from their province. Now, we are asking them to take action.

Join us in calling on the government of Ontario to introduce and pass the Our London Family Act. To this end, we have prepared a draft piece of model legislation that proposes key and common sense changes to the way that we challenge Islamophobia in Ontario. If introduced and passed, the Our London Family Act would address six key areas:

  1. Changes to our education system based on the calls we heard across the province to make sure young people are growing up with educational resources that help them understand Islamophobia;
  2. Dismantling of white supremacist groups in the province by preventing them from registering as societies, preventing acts of intimidation on provincial property, as well as prevent intimidation tactics targeting worshippers at synagogues, mosques, or gurdwaras;
  3. Enshrine a provincial hate crimes accountability unit that provides best practices, and investigates potential failures in combatting hate incidents;
  4. Bolster the scope and strategy of the Anti-Racism Directorate to include changes from conducting regular polls to understand where the pain points of Islamophobia lie to investing in public service announcements about Islamophobia;
  5. More minorities in the provincial public service;
  6. Increase the limitation period for those seeking to file human rights claims in Ontario

Read the full recommendations here.

Our London Family Act