Ottawa residents react to tragedy in Paris

Joanne Schnurr | CTV News Ottawa
January 7, 2015

Reaction to the tragedy in Paris has been swift and sympathetic on this side of the Atlantic. Residents in Ottawa gathered in the biting cold outside the French Embassy on Sussex Drive Wednesday evening to honor those killed. Ottawa has sadly shared in the pain of a terrorist attack. And so Canadians and Ottawa residents were quick to reach out to their French allies and open their hearts. Outside the French embassy on Sussex Drive, the French flag flies at half-mast, lowered in respect of those killed today.

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Amira Elghawaby is with the National Council of Canadian Muslims and a journalist herself.

“Muslims in Canada or anywhere else will feel under the spotlight,” says Elghawaby, “and feel they are implicated in this even though they have nothing to do with it.”

Elghawaby says Muslims here condemn the attack in Paris just as any other Canadians do.