Thank You Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau – No Fly List

On November 4th, 2020 we received great news of an important win for our community!

The federal government’s announced that a redress system for travellers caught by ‘no-fly list’ errors will be coming this month.

The announcement is a welcome step forward for Canadians mistakenly identified on the No-Fly List, and for their families and supporters who have worked tirelessly over many years to have this injustice corrected.

The No-Fly List has long been critiqued for its false-flagging of innocent Canadians, including children, who share the same or similar name to persons deemed immediate security threats by the federal government. This misidentification often leads to increased security checks by airport staff and other forms of humiliation, including being barred from flights altogether.

Send a letter to the Prime Minister to thank him and Minister Blair for listening to organizations like NCCM and the No-Fly-List Kids and bringing in the redress system.