NCCM Supports Addition of Far Right Extremist Groups to Terror List

-For Immediate Release-

(Ottawa – June 26, 2019) The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) supports the federal government’s decision to add far-right extremist groups ‘Blood & Honor’ and ‘Combat 18’ (the armed branch of Blood & Honor) on Canada’s list of terrorist organizations. Members of the groups have been convicted in relation to a number of criminal activities and incidents inspired by white-supremacist and neo-Nazi ideologies.

“Today’s news is a first step toward countering white supremacist and far-right extremism in our country. The threat these groups have posed to minority communities in Canada cannot be understated. At the same time, we recognize much more needs to happen to actually counter these groups and keep our communities safe,” says NCCM Executive Director Mustafa Farooq.

Despite the long history of these groups in Canada, this is the first time far-right extremist and Neo-Nazi groups have officially been added to the terror list.

Mr. Farooq recently spoke at an event hosted by the Empire Club in Toronto on the rise of white supremacy and far-right extremism, and what can be done to combat them. His forthcoming book explores strategies for countering violent extremism. He is available for comment on this issue.

The NCCM is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization that is a leading voice for Muslim civic engagement and the promotion of human rights.