Junior Lesson Plan Ideas

Remembering the London Family: Youth Coalition Combatting Islamophobia (YCCI)


  1. Introduce students to Islamophobia using the definition provided on the YCCI Website. Discuss examples with students, including the terrorist attack in London, Ontario.
  2. Watch the video, YCCI – To Yumnah, With Love
  3. Discussion: Ask students to discuss the following questions in pairs and when ready, share them with the entire class.


  1. What statement does Munya mention frustrated her after the London attack? Why?
  2. Hisham says “you can’t separate the snide comments from the violent hate.” How are all forms of Islamophobia connected to one another?
  3. Maryam talks about taking complaints to the police. How did the police respond to her? What do you think should have the correct response?
  4. According to Maryam, why do hate crimes go unreported? Why is it important that we report hate crimes?
  5. After watching this video and hearing what Yumna’s loved ones had to say about her, what legacy do you think Yumna left behind? How could you continue to carry on spreading her legacy?
    • Yumna’s loved ones and friends in this video share how they will carry on spreading her legacy by raising their voices against Islamophobia and other forms of hatred, until everyone hears us. They share that they wish we do our part in spreading this legacy as well. Let’s practice allyship by sharing in Yumna’s legacy and create words of awareness and support to share with Muslims around us.
  6. On large sheets of chart paper, post the following questions.
    • Question:
      • How does Islamophobia impact you, your friends, and people you know?
      • Who, if anyone, benefits from Islamophobia?
      • Why should we care about Islamophobia?
      • How can you speak up about Islamophobia in your own lives?
      • If you could share one message with the loved ones of the London family, what would it be?
  7. Distribute stacks of post-it notes to the students; ask them to write answers to each of the questions on their post-it notes and adhere them to the chart paper. Review students’ answers with the entire group.