Ongoing Incidents

Islamophobic incidents are on the rise. 

Anti-Palestinian harassment and racism is on the rise. 

At NCCM, we have seen a 1000% increase in such incidents within the past few days. 

Keep track of ongoing cases across Canada of Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian harassment with our ongoing incidents tracker. 

This is the time to stand up against hate. 

This is the time to stand with each other.

Montreal Attack

A woman in her car displaying a Palestinian flag was accosted by a fellow motorist, who yelled obscenities at her, including that she should be sexually assaulted in the streets for her beliefs.

London Vandalism 

Violent graffiti in a London, Ontario building read: “KILL ALL MUSLIMS”

Markham Public Library Systemic Islamophobia

Employee emails show effort by MPL leadership, as well as one city councillor, trying to cancelling Islamic Heritage Month because they think it implies taking the Palestinian side in the conflict abroad.

Harassment in front of Al Rashid 

A worshipper had a gun pulled on him in front of the Al Rashid mosque in Edmonton, Alberta.