On January 29, 2017, the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City was subject to a tragic, hateful and Islamophobic crime. A gunman entered the place of worship in the middle of a prayer in congregation, and opened fire on the worshippers, killing 6 men and injuring many more. 

Until this day, this tragic shooting continues to shake many hearts and bring deep sadness and fear to our community. January 29 is a date that Muslims in Quebec and the rest of Canada will forever mournThis year, and hopefully for years to come, the Muslim community has decided to do things differently. 


The Green Square Campaign

We know that although this event hurts us deeply, this heavy feeling is shared among many Canadians all over the nation. This is why we ask you to wear the green square.  

Wear it in solidarity with the six widows, the seventeen children left fatherless, Aymen Derbali who is left paralyzed for life, and every single person suffering the consequences of this hateful and despicable act of violence. 

The green square symbolises the green carpet of the Quebec City mosque, that on that day was soaked in the blood of innocent victims. Among other things, green is the color of life, harmony and safety. Green is the color of hope. OJanuary 29, lives were lost, harmony was broken and safety was, and is still being, compromised. However, hope remains. Wear it for hope.  

This is a call to action. We are asking you to participate in building a more loving, caring, and inclusive Quebec and Canada. We are asking you to move forward while not forgetting. We are asking you to remember, and make sure this never happens again.  

In order to heal, we must collectively look closely at our current shortcomings as a society and commit ourselves to do better.

This is where we need you. Wear the green square. Show Solidarity. Act now.

How to get a green square:
  1. Contact NCCM at
  2. Several mosques across the country will have green squares available
  3. Make your own green square: A) Buy a piece of green felt from your local craft store, B) Cut a 2″ x 2″ square, C) Attach it to your clothes using a small safety pin.


Help the families of the victims

In addition to this simple but meaningful campaign, we are raising funds to assist the families that are still living the outcomes of all this. Donate now, and spread the word. 

How to donate:
  1. Support the children of the victims and survivors of the Quebec City Mosque shooting. Donate now at

The Green Square Campaign is an initiative powered by the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec (CCIQ), National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) and Islamic Relief Canada.