NCCM Demands Immediate Action from the PDSB

The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) is demanding that the PDSB Chair, Brad MacDonald and Director of Education, Peter Joshua immediately resign given the conclusions reached in the report from Arlene Huggins.

Huggins, in her report, wrote that the school board and director’s office is “lacking both the ability and capacity, and perhaps even more importantly, the will” to address systemic racism and anti-black racism in PDSB. Huggins further noted that non-compliance with the recommendations made in the report from PDSB is “probable”.

That’s shameful.

Only a few weeks ago, NCCM demanded further action in light of alleged Islamophobic remarks by Principal Julie DeMaeyer of Central Peel Secondary School in Brampton. While the PDSB did agree to instate a Muslim student affairs coordinator and commit to mandating anti-Islamophobia training across the PDSB, the reality is that anti-black racism continues to be pernicious and systemic across PDSB.

This cannot go on.

We are asking, in no uncertain terms, that the Chair and the Director of Education immediately resign.

Take action now by sending this letter to the Minister of Education Stephen Lecce and the Trustees of the Peel District School Board