Are you frustrated by your employer’s statements of support for Israel with no mention of Palestinians or the ongoing atrocities in Gaza?

Here are points you can use to highlight the ongoing atrocities in Gaza and call on your employer to recognize ongoing Palestinian suffering.

Talking Points:

Talk about how you feel and mention the emotional toll it is taking.


  • The past few weeks have been difficult ones for me and many Muslim and Palestinian employees. The tragic events unfolding in Israel and Gaza have been emotionally draining for those with connections to the region. Here at home, both Islamophobic and Antisemitic incidents have been on the rise.

Talk about the company’s responsibility to all its employees 


  • The company needs to do much more to ensure that Muslim and Palestinian employees feel seen, valued, respected, and welcomed here at work. Specifically, the company must take a more nuanced approach in its statements regarding the tragic attacks on civilians in Gaza and Israel. 
  • Criticising the company’s actions or statements


  • The company’s current one-sided statement and stance in support of Israel with no support for the Palestinian people, their humanity, their lives, and their rights makes me feel that my perspectives, beliefs, and identities are not welcomed or valued in the workplace. 
  • I would go as far as to say that it puts Muslim and Palestinian employees at risk in the workplace. 
  • Requesting that the company make things right


  • I request that a statement supporting and recognizing the issues brought forth by this letter be issued by the company.
  • These are very challenging and isolating times for Muslim and Palestinian employees. To address this, the company must work to make a safe space of support for these employees [and/or clients and/or stakeholders] to express their opinions, feelings, and perspectives without fear.