Join The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), in demanding from Chief Nishan Duraiappah that the officer responsible for firing the bullets that killed Ejaz Choudry be taken off the force.

  • Ejaz Choudry, 62 was murdered by Peel Regional Police on or around June 20, 2020 in a disturbing display of excessive force.
  • Ejaz Choudry had schizophrenia and was undergoing an episode when the family called the non-emergency line for help. The police immediately barricaded the apartment, refusing to let family members in.
  • Using a ladder, the police entered the apartment through the balcony, kicking down the door, demanding him to “get down”, and without waiting, immediately fired 5 simultaneous shots. He was murdered by the police who refused to deal with a mentally ill patient appropriately.
  • Ejaz was frail and showed no indication of wanting to hurt anyone.
  • The video footage makes it quite clear that this officer no longer has a role serving on the front-lines.

These are the facts, plain and simple. 

A police officer shot down an elderly and frail man in a mental health crisis, who appeared to pose no harm to anyone but himself. 

As of yet, all we have heard from your office – other than a message of condolence a week later, and attempting to shift the onus to the SIU, a process we all know has fundamental problems – has been silence.  

That’s not what I expect as a taxpayer. 

We expect better.