The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) has reviewed two recent federal court decisions that show how the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) failed Canadians. CSIS failed to fulfill their candour obligations to the court, meaning that they did not tell the truth to Canadians under oath. 

According to Justice O’Reilly’s decision released yesterday relating to the Awso Peshdary caseCSIS illegally gathered intelligence and then withheld evidence that would have assisted the accused on their case. 

Justice O’Reilly’s decision comes only weeks after the release of another Federal Court decision by Justice Gleeson, where he slammed CSIS for its “cavalier institutional approach” to the duty of candour and the rule of law, noting that this is part of a long-standing pattern that goes back years.

How long will CSIS continue to ignore their duty to tell the truth and follow our laws? 

Help us stop the lies. We are asking, as a first step, Minister Blair to reform CSIS’ culture through mandating diversity, equity, and inclusion audits, and bringing CSIS under whistleblower legislation as has been done in other jurisdictions.

This will force CSIS to be more equitable, diverse and inclusive along with allowing CSIS workers to be able to report on human rights issues that may occur in their workspace.

We’re not going to wait for Director Vigneault to apologize to Canadians. 

Help us send Minister Blair a clear message today with a letter.