Under Layered Suspicion: A Review of CRA Audits of Muslim-led Charities

On March 29, the National Council of Canadian Muslims together with the Institute of Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto, released a report titled “Under Layered Suspicion: A Review of CRA Audits of Muslim-led CharitiesOn the same day, Canadian Muslim leaders met with MPs and leaders from every party to discuss the findings of that report.  

Our findings suggest that there is a basis for community concerns about the CRA. We found that the CRA has implicit biases and practices that unfairly target Muslim charities in Canada. You can read our groundbreaking report here.  

The report shows how these supposedly ordinary audits were coloured by Canada’s Risk-based Assessment Model, highlighting anti-terrorism financing and counter-radicalization policies. Through this assessment, Canada has identified 100% of terrorist financing risk to be coming from groups that implicate racialized and religious minorities, of which 80% of that risk is identified as coming from groups associated with Islam or Muslims.  

It is unsurprising, therefore, that Canadian Muslim-led charities are feeling disproportionately and unfairly profiled by the CRA.  

In this month of Ramadan, the month of giving when charity is top of mind for us all, let’s stand together to protect our right to give. 


Send this letter to ask our elected officials to act now to stop the profiling of our zakat, sadaqah and charity;