NCCM Submission on Discriminatory Bill 21

As the Bill 21 hearings conclude in Quebec on May 17, 2019,  the NCCM has released its own submission to the Quebec National Assembly despite not being invited to attend the hearings at all. This was the case for many organizations representing minority groups that would be directly affected by the discriminatory Bill 21 if it becomes law, including Sikhs, Jews and Muslims.

“The NCCM firmly denounces the discriminatory underpinnings of Bill 21. The consultative process surrounding the Bill silenced the communities that are most affected by its proposed measures. The use of the notwithstanding clause constitutes a tyranny of the majority, as minorities will have no recourse to have their voices heard and their fundamental rights enforced. In an atmosphere where hate crimes against religious minorities are at an exceptional rise, this Bill will only further ostracize these vulnerable groups, and must not be passed.”

Read our full submission in French and English here.