Air travellers from Middle East, Africa, Caribbean more likely to face secondary inspection

By Glen McGregor
CTV News | May 31, 2018

Airline passengers from the Middle East and countries where most people are black are more likely to face luggage searches or additional questioning by Canada Border Services agents than other travellers, a CTV News investigation has found.

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The National Council of Canadian Muslims says the data confirm what it hears repeatedly from travellers — that Muslims are subject to far greater scrutiny from security agencies, especially since the 9/11 attacks.

“We get calls every other day, almost, from Muslims — both Canadians and foreign nationals — who are accessing our airports and coming in through our borders and are subject to more questioning than the average person,” said communications coordinator Leila Nasr.

“Often people can be pulled aside, seemingly based on what is perceived to be their religion or their race or ethnicity.”

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