This is the time to hold your elected officials accountable.

To make sure that they are standing up for the Palestinian people. 

It is time for a just peace to prevail in Gaza and Palestine. 

It is time for a ceasefire in Gaza. 

You can do your part. Your voice matters. So use it!

Talking Points:

– The people of Gaza have been under a tight blockade since 2007—this is against international law. 

– The mounting death toll in Gaza is due to continuous indiscriminate bombing by Israeli forces, which have killed over 4,000 people, including children. 

– Palestinian identity and aspirations toward dignity is not terrorism, is not to be conflated with support for Hamas. To do so is racist, demeaning, and Islamophobic.
– Muslims in Canada are again being asked to collectively apologize for and condemn the actions of a few people overseas. This is isolating, Islamophobic, and eerily reminiscent of the anti-Muslim atmosphere right after 9/11. 

– This atmosphere, fuelled by the issues overseas, has resulted in a major spike in Islamophobic, racist, and anti-Palestinian incidents all across Canada. 

– You need to live up to Canada’s commitment to human rights. You must call for the following items: 

  1.   An urgent and immediate ceasefire in the region. Canada must do its part to stop the violence and the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians and children.
  2.   Denunciation of the Islamophobic and racist backlash against Palestinian and Muslim communities in Canada.
  3.   Protection of the right of Canadians to express their solidarity with the people of Palestine.


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David Eby – (250) 387-1715,

Danielle Smith – (780) 427-2251,

Scott Moe – (306) 787-9433,

Wab Kinew – (204) 615-1922,

Doug Ford – (416) 325-1941,

Melanie Joly – (613) 992-0983,

Francois Legault – (418) 643-5321,

Jagmeet Singh – (613) 996-5597,

Pierre Poilievre – (613) 992-2772,

Justin Trudeau – (613) 992-4211,


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Enough is enough.


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