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 If there is one thing that we have learnt since October of last year, it’s that when we stand united, we can accomplish so much.

Stephen Brown

 If there is one thing that we have learnt since October of last year, it’s that when we stand united, we can accomplish so much.

Stephen Brown


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Countering Islamophobia:

Since October 07, Islamophobia is at an all-time high. Your donation goes right into taking on and beating the Islamophobia industry in Canada. Our team is also working double time to make sure elected officials and leaders at all levels of society understand that Islamophobia must be eradicated.

Group 92

Promoting Peace:

The pro-war lobby has raised millions to keep Canada complicit in human rights abuses. With your support we have demanded hundreds of government call for a ceasefire and take steps to end weapons shipments and foreign military recruitment.

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Your Contribution Counts:

We are building local advocacy offices all across the country. With your support we will have advocacy officers who can walk into any elected official's office anywhere in the country. From your local school board trustee to the Prime Minister's office, we are here to bring our community’s message of peace, tolerance, and justice to the halls of power.

Becoming a monthly donor also gives you access to exclusive sessions with our team where your opinion is heard on a range of issues NCCM is working on.

A leader for peace and justice

Canada is now the leading country in the G7 on the Palestinian issue. We stood together as a community with a clear message: enough is enough. We got real change to our foreign policy – but it is not enough. The genocide continues, and the effects of what the Israeli army has done will haunt generations of Gazans. With your support, we can make sure Canada never falls on the wrong side of history again – for Palestine or any other conflict.  

Right now, Palestinians in Gaza are starving to death, in what the UN calls the worst humanitarian crisis of our generation. Canada‘s response to this was the cut funding to the one organization that can provide an effective level of aid to Gazans based on spurious accusations from the Israeli government. It took a monumental effort from our community and hours, days and weeks of heavy lifting by our advocacy officers, but together we managed to get funding reinstated. 

Since the start of the genocide, we’ve connected with Palestinian Canadians, who are deeply concerned about halting violence, ensuring their families’ safety, and preventing Canadian complicity in crimes against innocent civilians. Despite significant flaws, we got a family reunification process and successfully campaigned for a comprehensive weapons ban among all involved parties. Our advocacy continues on these fronts and beyond. 

We engaged with leaders of all levels of society and government about the unprecedented rise in Islamophobia. We took hundreds of media interviews, advised multiple masjids after Islamophobic incidents, organized multiple advocacy days at government legislators and saw Canada’s first municipal Islamophobia officer hired in Brampton, Ontario.   

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