Monthly Giving Campaign

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At NCCM, we know that our struggle against Islamophobia continues.

We use the word “our” carefully. The reality is that the world won’t change unless we are collectively working together.

  • This is our battle to stop Bill 21, a piece of legislation that NCCM is fighting in Quebec that prevents people who wear religious symbols, including the hijab, from becoming teachers, prosecutors, or police officers.
  • This is our work to educate folks face to face about diversity, equity, inclusion, and Islamophobia in schools and in businesses.
  • This is our time to make sure that we are there to collectively advocate – whether that means demanding that police take hate crimes against Muslims seriously, or keeping governments to account to do something about online hate.
  • This is our time.

Sign up to become a monthly donor (you can cancel at any time). Let’s stand together against Islamophobia.

Individually, we may not be able to move mountains. But collectively, by the Divine grace, there’s nothing we can’t do.